I am both pro ana and mia , and I am happy this way .......aslong as I am thin! I started this blog so I nor anyone else would have to be alone being ana or mia AND also to keep my mind off food :p My goal for this blog is pretty much to help you with ur goals, give some inspiration, thinpso, drive and tips to help those who want to lose weight and for other pro ana's and mia's :) 

Random things about me -
∆ I am ana and mia

∆ I am 17 

∆ The 1st time I thought about my weight was at about 11 or twelve. One day I noticed that my belly button got deeper and I asked my mom why on earth my belly button had gotten deeper and she replied "because you probably gained fat on your stomach".

∆ The females in my family are all thinner and taller than me.

∆ I am Portuguese, Slovakian, Bajan,

∆ I am not religious at all!

∆ I love animals and music more than life

∆ I love the Ocean but often dont go to the beach with people unless I like the way I look otherwise I get extremely depressed. 

∆ Theres another one! I was diagnosed severely depressed, anorexic and bulimic while I was away at boarding school.

∆ I smoke 

∆ That pic above is me

more to come.

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  1. Not quite sure how I ended up here. But I had to comment to say that you look like a bright young girl with an heart full of interest. You have an beautiful look, very interesting! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that from what I saw in your picture, that you looks like an healthy young girl, who by all means is not fat! Take these words close to you, say them out loud while staring in mirror. Hopefully these words will brighten your day up. And I bet you know that many girls would be jealous of your hair. Keep the blog up and running, regards from a guy who stumbled across your blog!